Life Covered in Dog Hair


I’m used to it. Dog hair on my clothes, on the furniture, mixed in with my own hair….everywhere. But enough is enough. I’ve never had dogs that shed like this before. Oh the life of an Alaskan Husky owner. I had just sat down to read a book on the dog hair-covered couch when I noticed a ping pong ball sized piece of fur fall off of Typhoon. Time for a brushing I guess. Both Typhoon and Vistonic are currently “blowing their coats”.  A biannual event that I didn’t know about until we got huskies. Typhoon, the fluffier of the two was the main contributor to this pile of fur.


I ended up donating the fluff to our birds and whatever other critters may be interested in this fine nesting material by stuffing it into a suet feeder outside.


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